Hawaii Pt 2: Hiking Kauai and Other Adventures

On Friday morning, we hopped into the car bright and early when all the radio shows were playing the catchy end of the week song: "It's Aloha Friday! No work 'til Monday!" A great way to jump start our hiking adventures on Kauai. Any Aloha... Kauai Hike #1: Hanakapiai Falls Trail We hiked 8 miles... Continue Reading →


A Message to Japan Becca

Hello from the other side of the world. How have you been? ひさしぶり! I took for granted how good I had it during "Office Days" when I was on JET. All the teachers were off administering tests to the students on giant pieces of paper, and my only role for the week was to mark a few... Continue Reading →

The JET Interview Reprise

It's a pivotal time in the JET world...Right around this time, ALTs and CIRs around Japan are signing off on a piece of paper whether they will stay one more year in their placement or go back home, and future JETs in their home countries are preparing for their interviews. This time two years ago... Continue Reading →

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